AIM Memory Module


Pull data from your logger quickly and easily.

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The AiM Memory Module is a small SD Card holder that can be connected via CAN bus to the following AiM loggers: MXL2, MXG, MXG 1.2, MXS, MXS 1.2, MXP, EVO4S, EVO5.

Its management is really very simple: just connect the AiM Memory Module to your logger and the data will be saved simultaneously both in the logger and on the SD card*. No configuration is needed. The SD card* can be removed and replaced even during pit  stops, while the car engine is still ON, making it extremely fast to get the data during endurance races or long tests, when the time in the pits is really limited. Just pull the card from the module, (replace with a new card if continuing on track) and you can download the data to your PC using Race Studio 3 when you have time.

The Module features a front LED showing its recording/fw updating status.

The device can support up to 32 GB cards.

*Not included in the box.

Technical Information

Part Number:AIMX08MMD040