Carbotech Brake Pre-Bedding


Pre-Bed your brake pads for better wear and performance


Pre-Bed Procedure

For a small additional fee to your Carbotech brake purchase, get your pads Pre-Bedded to extend their life and improve performance. What is “Pre-Bedding”? Contrary to popular belief, bedding is NOT the transfer of material to the rotors. That’s material transfer. Bedding is actually the process of burning off some of the chemicals in the pad material itself. When you bed pads at the track, you need to get them up to temperature high enough to start burning off those chemicals – while simultaneously transferring the material to the rotor. Having the pads pre-bedded burns off those chemicals in advance and allows quicker material transfer to the rotor, extends the life of the pad and sets the pads up to be immediately at full braking potential.

Pre-Bedding is performed directly by Carbotech Performance Brakes in their manufacturing facility and adds about 1 day lead time to shipping.

Pricing is for each set of pads.