Coolshirt Drag Pack System


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COOLSHIRT Systems® introduces its new Coolshirt DRAGPACK System to help drivers go straight faster! Designed for Drag racers specifically, this complete kit comes with the newly designed DRAGPACK ice based cooler system, a Driver Cooling Vest, an 8 ft insulated hose, and a 7 hr. lithium battery with charger. Reaction times alone can be reduced by as much as 20% with only a 2% loss in hydration. The DRAGPACK system covers 30-40% of the body with cold water circulating through tubing designed to dissipate heat away from the body, in-turn, cooling the core.

Emergency pull release standard on all racing products.


Use only the manufacturer approved charger. Use of a non approved charger may result in battery failure, injury or fire. Do not short circuit the terminals. Do not disassemble the battery pack. Do not overcharge. Dispose of used batteries according to local government regulations

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6 qt, 12 qt