HANS Device – Pro Ultra FIA


Lightweight carbon-fiber construction with a modern, low-profile shape.
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The HANS Device – Pro Ultra FIA combines a lightweight carbon-fiber construction with a modern, low-profile shape. The weight saving design allows for easier entry and exit in many smaller, tighter vehicles. The 100% carbon-fiber construction features a hollow core for increased weight saving, and the standard sliding-style tether provides excellent great visibility with zero loss of protection or performance.

Technical Information

Rating: FIA 8858
Part Number: HADK132x5-xx-FIA

• FIA 8858 certified
• Lightweight Carbon Fiber construction
• Easy vehicle entry/exit, even in smaller vehicles
• FIA rating is equivalent to SFI 38.1 rating and accepted by all US and International Road Racing organizations.

Anchor Styles:Hans Anchors are available with or with-out backing plates. Many helmets are manufactured with a threaded, M6 insert bonded directly inside the helmet shell. If your helmet is equipped with this option, select the M6 option.

Tools not included. Installation tools are not included with your device purchase. If needed, please contact us after ordering and they will be included at no extra charge.


Hans Device Sizing Chart

Note: Available in Medium or Large sizes only. The width of the HANS Device is sized to fit your neck or shirt collar size comfortably. You may fit several sizes – comfort is the final deciding factor.

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