ICM Fuel Sending Module


Connect your fuel sending unit to your AIM system to read fuel level.

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The ICM Fuel Sending module made by Iron Canyon Motorsports converts a resistance based fuel sender to a 0-5 Volt signal necessary for use with with almost any data acquisition system that uses industry standard 0-5V sensor input for analog channels. No more pumping gas in and out to determine the exact fuel level. Using this sensor and your data acquisition system you can determine your fuel level using your data acquisition system. You will need to create a custom sensor for your particular data acquisition system, an easy and straight forward task. Dampening is built into the sensor so that the fuel slosh effect on the sensor output is minimized. Get rid of the inaccurate and slow responding stock fuel gauge and take advantage of your investment in a data acquisition system. Useful for both track and street driven cars.

Much more than just a simple voltage divider circuit, a custom circuit board, IC’s, and voltage regulators are used to produce the most accurate output possible. Unit is packaged in a durable plastic enclosure approximately 1.5×1.5 inches in size. The unit is calibrated for a 0-110 ohm fuel sender (Mazda Miata) but custom configurations for different sender values can be ordered per your specifications. These values are usually specified in the service manual or they can be found via a google search.

The ICM Fuel Sending module is plug and play for AIM units with included extension cable. Just connect the extension cable to an analog channel interface and connect the fuel sender input wire to the converter.

Iron Canyon Fuel Sender Manual – AIM v73

ICM Fuel Sender Adjustment