OMP Velocita 380 Steering Wheel – Black Suede


Offers a larger 380mm diameter and plumper 35x30mm oval grip over the standard Velocita wheel.
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Featuring the same shape and style as the popular OMP Velocita 380 Steering Wheel, the Velocita 380 offers a larger 380mm diameter and plumper 35x30mm oval grip. The classic 3-spoke design, with a flat, zero-dish profile, is perfect for smaller cars and drivers. The plush grip has an ergonomic feel and is covered with a grippy natural suede. Constructed with a robust aluminum and steel construction, and includes a horn button.

Technical Information

Diameter:380 mm
Dish:0 mm (Flat)
Fabric:Black Suede
Spokes:3 – Black Anodized
Part Number:OMOD1987

• Larger, 380mm Diameter of the Velocita wheel
• Oval, 35x30mm Handgrip
• Aluminum & Steel construction
• Includes OMP Horn Button