Racetech RT4119THR Fiberglass Racing Seat – Tall


Taller size is perfect for taller drivers, or drivers with longer torsos.
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The Racetech RT4119 line of racing seats starts with the classic 129 series of seats, and ends in a lighter, more affordable package. When combined with a HANS Device, the Racetech head restraints greatly decrease potential injuries from heavy side loads. The unique air-ducting in the lower back helps reduce a driver’s core temperature for improved performance. The lightweight fiberglass shell construction is coated with a durable gel coat finish while the fire retardant fabric covering incorporates Suede wear patches at the shoulders. Taller size is perfect for taller drivers, or drivers with longer torsos.

Technical Information

Rating: FIA 8855-1999
Shell: Fiberglass Composite
Weight (lbs): 21.9 (Shell only, 17.4)
Mounting: Side, Back
Part Number: RT4119THR BLK
Manufacturer: Racetech

• FIA homologated to 8855-1999 standards
• Latest Hans-compatible head restraint technology
• Air ducting at the lower back reduces driver core temperature
• Energy absorbing foam in critical areas
• Designed with back-fixing capability for increased safety and enhanced driver feel
• Personal foam inserts available for unsurpassed comfort


Racetech Seat Sizing Diagram

A: External width at shoulders
B: Height from base to shoulder wings
C: Internal width at hips
D: External width across thigh bolsters
E: Base length (Front-to-Back)
F: Height (Top-to-Bottom)
G: Height from base to harness guide bottom
M: Mounting width at side mount

Note: All measurements are in millimeters. Measurements are based on the seat shell, and do not take into account padding thickness.