Racetech Steel Side Mount Bracket – 4009/4100/9119 Series Seats


For Racetech 4009, 4100, 4119 and 9119 series seats

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The Racetech RTB2009S steel side seat mount brackets are finished in satin black powdercoated 3mm steel brackets for side mounting seats. Sold as a pair. Alongside our new 4100 Series seats, we have developed a classy, but affordable, new bracket set. A staggered hole and slot pattern encourages fine adjustments for the optimal seating position. Slots in the foot of the brackets also allow a little more lateral tolerance during installation.

These brackets are suitable for use with the following seat Racetech models:

  • RT4009, RT4009W
  • RT4009HR, RT4009WHR, RT4009WTHR
  • RT4100, RT4100WT, RT4100HR, RT4100WTHR
  • RT4119HRW, RT4119THR, RT4119WHR, RT4119WTHR
  • RT9119HRW, RT9119THR, RT9119WHR, RT9119WTHR

Technical Information

Part Number: RTB2009S
Manufacturer: RaceTech