Simpson Youth Hybrid Sport Head And Neck Restraint – SAS Equipped


The Youth Hybrid Sport is perfect for today’s young karters.
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The Simpson Youth Hybrid Sport with SAS Head and Neck Restraint is the next evolution of the popular Hybrid Pro Rage Device. Using a proprietary DuPont carbon/polymer construction, the Hybrid Sport holds a 20% weight savings over the Pro Rage while keeping a sleek and modern design. Defined shoulder wings help keep the harness in place, while the standard sliding tethers and multi-tether system offer a full range of movement without sacrificing protection. The SFI-rated Hybrid Sport keeps the minimalist design that rests on your back allowing for a quick vehicle exit. The design also means there is no need for seat modification, nor is the device affected by seat angle.The Simpson Youth Hybrid Sport with SAS comes with the following options standard:

• SAS (Seatbelt Anchor System): This patented feature connects the lower device straps directly to the vehicle’s lap-belt with quick-release loops that detach as soon as the vehicle harness is released. The SAS straps aid in the proper positioning of the Hybrid Pro Rage by pulling down on the front straps of the device, creating a more comfortable fit. The device can still be used with these straps detached if preferred.
• Sliding Tethers: Allows for unrestricted side-to-side head movement.
• Post Anchor tethers: compatible with all HANS brand device anchors

Optional Accessories:

• Hans Post Anchors: Identical to the Post-Anchors popularized by Hans Devices. Easy to use, and allows cross-compatibility with Hans-Equipped helmets.  Not Included: If required, they are an additional $65.00. (choose Post Anchor option)

Technical Information

Rating: SFI 38.1
Manufacturer: Simpson

• SFI 38.1 Certified
• 20% reduction in weight over earlier models
• Available with patent pending multi-tether system to enhance side to side movement
• DuPont carbon polymer construction
• Sleek, modern profile with defined wings for seatbelt containment
• SAS (Seatbelt Anchor System)


Safety Solutions Hybrid Pro Rage Sizing Chart

Measure Chest Size directly below pectoral muscles while wearing Driving Suit.

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