Spek is the newest member of the NaroEscape Motorsport family. He's a 2007 Porsche Cayman S built to PCA's Spec Cayman (SPC) rules.  Spek joined the stable in 2021 as a replacement to the recently departed Papa Smurf.

The team's learning curve with Spek is much steeper than anticipated. Having driven a mid-engined car for many years in Papa Smurf, it was assumed the mid engine platform of the Cayman would be an easy transition. Not so..

After a few last or next to last place finishes in SPC class, Bob has finally started getting the hang of the car with a few 1st place finishes with SCCA and PCA at the local track Carolina Motorsports Park. Nadine is really enjoying Spek and is looking to take him to NASA or SCCA Time Trials once she gets fully comfortable with the platform.

One huge benefit to SPC over the GT4/VGTO class of Papa Smurf is the running costs: tires, brakes, fuel...all of it is MUCH cheaper in the more modern Cayman than a 50 year old 914. We certainly miss Papa Smurf, but Spek has become a worthy replacement.


Here are a few on track video's from Spek:

Bob's first race weekend at Summit Point

VIR PCA Club Race 2022

Road Atlanta PCA Club Race 2022

 CMP PCA Club Race qualifying fastest lap


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