Pagid Brake Pads

PAGID Racing - The difference in braking

PAGID Racing is the exclusive motorsport brand of the TMD Performance. As a member of the TMD Friction Group, TMD Performance is the Worldwide sole distributor of PAGID Racing products and high performance brake pads for street legal cars.

PAGID Racing Brake Pads are designed to produce the highest possible performance levels over a wide range of operating conditions, and are available in many different material formulations. They fit most popular racing and high performance calipers and also may be fitted as an upgrade to many standard calipers for high performance cars.

In addition, PAGID Racing Brake Pads are fitted as original equipment to some of the most prestigious and powerful production cars in the world including Audi, Bugatti, Ferrari and Porsche.

With the facilities in Leverkusen & Essen (Germany) and Troy (USA), TMD Performance is one of only a small number of companies capable of developing and manufacturing brake friction solutions according to customer-specific technical requirements in a short time.

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