914-6 Conversion Engine Mount


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The NaroEscape Motorsports 914-6 Conversion Engine Mount is a bulkhead weld-on type that allows a 6 cylinder engine to fit nicely into a 914/4 chassis. “Cross bar” piece bolts right up to the engine in normal mounting bolts. Included are strong Delran bushings, bolts and washers.  Removing and installing the engine is very simple once the 914-6 engine mount is welded in. In addition, it leaves plenty of room below the engine for cables, linkage, shift rods, etc.   The 914-6 Conversion Engine Mount has been tested in multiple high horsepower racing applications with zero issues.  The additional pictures show a sample installation with our original style mount.

Painted Black.

Technical Information

Part Number: 914-6 Engine Mount
Manufacturer: NaroEscape Motorsports

NOTE: due to the location of the brake bias valve, this engine mount will sit the engine down a little lower than normal. That is perfectly normal.