Cobra Side Mounting Plates


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Cobra’s newest universal aluminum side mount that is constructed using high-strength aluminum. These mounts are an “L” style mount for a minimum footprint in the vehicle and are designed to be as universal as possible for ease of installation. The brackets have 4 slotted locations for mounting the front seat bolt and 3 holes in the rear for mounting the rear seat bolt enabling a large range of seat rake angle adjustment. For mounting to the chassis, the bracket has 3 slots in the front and 3 slots in the rear to provide maximum adjustability and ease in mounting.

The bottom flange is 2″ wide with each slot measuring 0.320″ wide by 1.200″ long. The bracket is 14.25″ long and 5″ tall. A pair of these brackets weighs 2.41 lbs.

Technical Information

Part Number: CSUBFR12
Manufacturer: Cobra