HANS Quick Click Anchor Set


Feature a full-handle for quick detachment from the Hans Device.
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Hans Quick Click Anchor Sets are perfect for replacing anchors on your helmet, or adding anchors to a second helmet. Quick-Click anchors feature a full-handle for quick detachment from the Hans Device. Velcro patches help keep the pull-strings out of the way. Hans Device users can enjoy the peace of mind of a quick-release system!

Note: Hans Anchors are available with or with-out backing plates. Many helmets are manufactured with a threaded, M6 insert bonded directly inside the helmet shell. If your helmet is equipped with this option, anchors are available without a backing plate for a slight savings in cost.

Tools not included. Installation tools are not included, and can be ordered separately here.

Technical Information

Part Number: HAAK114

• Installs to all SA/SAH/FIA-rated helmets.
• Click Here to Download the Hans Device Quick Start Guide and Installation Instructions.

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