Lifeline Protectowire Heat Detection Cable


Add another level safety to your fire suppression system.

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Add Thermal / Automatic activation to your FIA electric system using Lifeline Protectowire heat detection cable. Designed to be used and installed in the roof of any vehicle or machinery and in the ceiling area in facilities such as engine test rooms, laboratories, etc. It is a versatile and reliable fusible wire detector which, depending on the selected temperature rating, can provide area and spot over-temperature detection.

– 356°F / 180°C – Used for engine bays and extreme heat applications.
– 2 meters long, 1 meter of lead wire to connect to they fire system

Installation Recommendations and Notes:

• Attach the Lifeline Protectowire to the roof area by means that do not penetrate the wire or where there might be a risk of mechanical damage.
• Outdoor installations are not recommended especially where sunlight radiated or reflected heat without shielding might affect the detection rating.
• It is recommended to use temperature strips or similar to determine heat range in mounting location and surrounding area.
• Do not place the wire near a heat source i.e. Heaters and Exhaust pipes which might compromise over-temperature detection. Consider potential heat spikes in your assessment in order to avoid accidental discharges.
• Do not use pliers to make bends. Please see the pattern below and make all bends by hand with regular rounded turns.
• Do not paint the Protectowire.


Part Number: LL943-221-020
Manufacturer: Lifeline