OMP HTE-R Carbon Racing Seat


Protective Carbon Fiber Halo-style seat with high side-bolsters for excellent lateral support.
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The OMP HTE-R Carbon Racing Seat is the top level professional halo-style design, built with an ultra lightweight carbon fiber shell. Includes Rear holes for compatibility with ventilation systems. Large shoulder harness slots to accommodate various driver heights, high side bolsters for lateral leg support, removable back cushion, base, split leg rests to allow maximum individual seating comfort. Rubber dots for improved grip inserts. The OMP HTE-R Carbon racing seat is  upholstered entirely in high breathability AIRTEX® material. HANS® and HSC PATENT (HC/893) compatible.

Technical Information

Rating: FIA 8855-1999
Shell: Gel-coated Fiberglass
Weight (lbs): 6.6 lbs.
Mounting: Side
Part Number: OMHA768E
Manufacturer: OMP

• FIA homologated to 8855-1999 standards
• Shaped, security headrest
• Removable cushions back, base and split leg.
• High side bolster for lateral leg support


OMP Seat Sizing

A: External width at shoulders
B: Height from base to shoulder wings
C: Seat Bottom, Max external width
D: Height (Top-to-Bottom)
E: Max width of Side Bolsters (External)
F: Internal width (measured at lap-belt guides)
G: Base length (Front-to-Back)
H: Side-Head Protection, Internal Width
I: Side-Head Protection, External Width

Note: All measurements are in millimeters. Measurements are based on the seat shell, and do not take into account padding thickness.