AiM Smartycam 3 Dual


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The AiM SmartyCam 3 Dual is the flagship version of SmartyCam 3 range, designed for any racer who wants to get the most out of any performance video on the track.
Dual Full HD camera system, Video output, CAN connection, USB-C connection, Ethernet port are only few of the features of SmartyCam 3 Dual: the most powerful of our range.

  • FULL HD 60 FPS
  • GLOBAL SHUTTER CMOS SENSOR – Engine rumble causes vibrations, which are a big problem for video recording. You will never experience again that seasick “wave effect” you get watching videos recorded by a generic camera when the car rolls at 7,000 RPM. SmartyCam 3 cameras have been designed for that environment and for those vibrations. “Wave effect” is just a distant memory.
  • INTERNAL DATALOGGER – Thanks to its second CAN SmartyCam 3 Dual receives and stores in a .mp4 file all data coming from any CAN expansion.
    At the end of your test, your SD Card contains all the information you need for a deep data analysis. SD card is sold separately.
  • VIDEO OUTPUT – SmartyCam 3 Dual features a video output with SDI interface. It allows to send the video/audio stream to a streamer at 30 or 60 fps to perform a video streaming.

More details coming soon!

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