AiM SmartyCam GP Bullet Mount Kit


SmartyCam Bullet Camera mounting bracket

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This kit is for the SmartyCam GP HD Bullet Camera.

The SmartyCam GP Roll Bar Bullet Mount Kit holds the small bullet camera from the SmartyCam GP safely and securely. The V-shaped Roll-Bar specific mount fits bars ranging in size from 1-2.1″. The adjustable ball-and-socket system not only lets you put your camera right where you want it, but also allows for ease of adjustment and better coverage. RAM Mounting System’s patented rubber ball and socket design will help to protect the electronics by dampening shock and vibration.

Kit includes:

  • Rollbar bracket
  • 4” long arm
  • Ball head
  • Bullet cam bracket
  • Hose clamps

Technical Information

Part Number: AIMX90KSBLRB
Manufacturer: RAM/AiM