Performance Friction PF7725 (0345)


Read through the descriptions of the PFC Brake Pad compounds below to determine what material characteristic best fits your application

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Note: The Performance Friction PF7725 pad-shape is based off of the popular 0345 shape, but the 7725 is 1mm thicker, and does not have a cut-out for a pad-wear sensor.

The following compounds are available for the Performance Friction PF7725 pad size.

If you are unsure what pad would work best for you, please do not hesitate to call us!


Performance Friction’s 01-Compound is the standard by which all racing brake pads are judged. The 01 compound has a very high initial bite and torque, with very little temperature induced torque rise. At the end of the stop, less torque scatter exists for improved modulation with excellent release. With its low wear characteristics and excellent disc conditioning properties, it’s no wonder why the 01-Compound has won more World and National Championships than any other brake pad on the market!


Performance Friction’s 08 compound is one of PFC’s newest offerings and has gained immediate favor in Endurance Sportscar, and GT racing due to its performance in applications where smooth initial bite is a must. The 08 Compound features a slight friction rise with temperature, excellent release and modulation characteristics, and very low abraded disc wear. In addition to its considerable performance, 08 wears the longest of all PFC pads and easily matches the wear of the other competitors with a much higher bite.


Based on the out-going 01-compound, Performance Friction’s 11-compound takes the same great high-bite and torque but with even better rotor and pad wear characteristics and improved bite, modulation, and release. Exhibiting a very high initial bite and torque, very little temperature induced torque rise follows. Less torque scatter exists for improved modulation with excellent release, helping to eliminate wheel lock at the end of a stop.

Common Vehicle Fitments:

Porsche911 3.3 SC Turbo & T. S1977-90Front & Rear
928 S & S4 & GT1985-95Rear
928 5.4 32V1991-95Rear
944 2.5 Turbo1985-87Front & Rear
944 2.5 Turbo1987-91Rear
944 2.7 & 3.0 S21988-91Front & Rear
964 C2 3.61988-91Front
964 C2 3.661991-94Front & Rear
964 3.6 Carrera RS1991-93Rear
964 3.6 C441988-94Front & Rear
964 3.3 Turbo & Turbo S1988-91Rear
964 3.3/3.6 Turbo/Turbo S1991-93Rear
968 3.0 Coupee1991-95Front & Rear
968 3.0 Coupe Turbo S1993-95Rear
993 Carrera & C41993-97Rear
Ferrari348 GTB1989-95Front & Rear
512 TR1992-94Rear
F3551999Front & Rear
GTS1989-95Front & Rear

For more details on PFC Racing products, including complete fitment guides, please go to our PFC Information Page.

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