RaceCom Student Headset Boom V2


The Racecom Student Headset Boom is designed to work with many different applications.

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The RaceCom Student Headset Boom V2 features a digital noise canceling microphone for crystal clear communications, powerful high fidelity speaker, and plush earpad for proper sound transmission and comfort. Our compact and very durable design makes it easy to fit inside the helmet and enjoy the race while being able to communicate.

Options include use in the TracCom intercom system or with a standard IMSA 4C connector.

Cables are 4ft in length.

Technical Information

Part Number:RTCHS-BOOM-
  • IMSA and NASCAR student boom length is 30in.
  • STILO student boom length is 4ft.
  • Trac-Com and Chatterbox student boom length is 5ft.


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