Roux Cool-X Hose Assembly


Connect your Composite or Carbon Fiber Roux Helmet to your water cooling system

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Attach the Cool-X Cooling system to your Roux Helmet with this simple, safe and easy to use Cool-X hose assembly. Connects to your CoolShirt or FAST Cooling System.

How does the Roux Helmet Cooling Work? Great question that is answered with both a simple and complex answer. Starting at the helmet, Roux uses a one-piece block that connects to the two dry-break fittings located on the right side of your Roux R-1 Composite and Carbon helmets. The fiberglass helmets do not have the Cool-X option, so this works with the Composite (Silver) and Carbon (Matt & Gloss) Roux R-1 helmets. To connect your block fitting to your helmet, simply line it up and push until you hear the metallic “click”. Even with a race engine you will hear the click. The hose then goes to down to a “Y” connector that goes to both your CoolShirt or F.A.S.T. garment and then to the CoolShirt cooler supply hose. All fittings have dry breaks in all positions (no leaks while in use or disconnected) so the cool water stays where it needs to be.

The Roux Helmet cooling adapter, “Roux Cool-X Hose Assembly” is truly a one and done item that is built incredibly well and ready for the harshest race car environment you can give it.

Technical Information

Part Number: RXCH01-15
Manufacturer: Roux