Roux Radio/Drink Tube Connector – IMSA


Quickly connect your radio and drink tube

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Connecting to the left side of your Roux helmet, the Roux IMSA radio plug/drink tube connector attaches to your helmet with a slight push and releases quickly by pressing the red fast release push button on the Roux helmet connector assembly. This is the IMSA protocol (4c) that is used in most modern radio systems.

The drink tube is open ended to connect to your Longacre Drink Kit, Camelback or any other drink system you may use. The dry-break hidden inside the connector assembly guarantees a no-drip easy connection.

Roux Radio / Drink Tube Connector Assembly IMSA Plug Details:

  • Radio protocol: IMSA (same as on your Roux helmet)
  • Coil cord: Yes
  • Dry break included on drink connector: Yes

Technical Information

Part Number: RXHA11-15
Manufacturer: Roux