Schroth SHR Super Sport XLT


Head and Neck Restraint by Schroth

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In the world of Front Head and Neck restraints, the Schroth SHR Super Sport XLT is hard to beat. Don’t let the entry level price fool you. The Evo’s outstanding performance, lightweight body and included tether + helmet posts makes it one of the best values on the market. The thoughtful design incorporates a sliding tether for extended range of motion and fixed winglets keeps your harness secured into place. The SHR Super Sport XLT is SFI rated and is available with a 20 degree angle (perfect for most saloon and rally cars).

Technical Information

Rating: SFI 38.1
Part Number: SR4229xA
Manufacturer: Schroth

NOTE: Requires Schroth proprietary helmet anchors (not included). These are different than the standard HANS post anchors.

Schroth SHR Anchors

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