Speedcom Two Person Intercom


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The Speedcom Two Person Intercom – SCC-2MPI – is the most affordable two place intercom in the market without sacrificing quality and performance. Designed with driver coaching in mind the 2MPI is portable and operates on 4 AA batteries or can be permanently mounted and wired up to 12V. This product can be paired with the SCC-SEIH, a slip-on speaker and microphone kit designed to be used on helmets without a pre-existing wiring harness.

  • Independent volume controls for driver and co-driver
  • 4 AA battery operation for portable application
  • 12 V harness for permanent installation
  • Integrated roll bar mounting brackets for ease of installation.
  • Audio output to record audio in real time on your video device. (Video device must be equipped with an external audio input and an additional cable may be needed) CAN BE USED WITH GOPRO MEDIA MOD
  • Extra loud volume with superb sound quality.
  • ON/OFF indicator LED.
  • Built in intercom to helmet leads  with IMSA style standard wiring configuration.


Speedcom Single Ear Intercom Headset


Technical Information

Part Number: SCC-2MPI
Manufacturer: Speedcom