AIM MXP Dash Data Logger


AIM MXP Dash Data Logger offers 50% more display area than the 5” MXS display, in a similar dimension.

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The AIM MXP Dash Data Logger slots very nicely between the MXS and MXG dash loggers. Its The full-color, high-contrast, 6″ TFT LCD display fits into the same sized overall package as the smaller MXS, and still features fully customizable pages, allowing the user to choose from a vast library of page styles, and define exactly which data to be shown. Moving through the pages is easy through the push button selectors on the side of the dash. 5 alarm LED’s are also user configurable with custom colors, flashes and accompanying messages, as is the advanced multicolor shift light. And with Wi-Fi and USB connectivity, GPS09 Module, inertial platform, analog and digital inputs, digital outputs, Motorsport connectors, 4 GB of internal memory, 1,000Hz per channel sampling and support for over 1,000 ECU connections, the MXP is a very powerful system.

The AIM MXP Dash Data Logger samples data coming from your ECU, the GPS09 Module, the 9 axis inertial platform (accelerometer, gyro and magnetometer), 8 fully configurable analog inputs, 6 digital inputs, predefined math channels and second CAN. Performance and data acquired can also be incremented adding up to eight expansion modules.

NEW on the MXP: Two analog camera inputs are available, to swap your display into a mirror camera, through pushbutton command or event management.

Like many AIM systems, the MXP dash is limitlessly expandable using the built-in CAN bus. Easily integrate accessories such as a SmartyCam camera system, or Lambda controller. Configuration is easy through the included Race Studio 3 software from AiM, and the dash can easily be accessed through the integrated WiFi connection.


  • MXP Dash logger
  • 37-pin standard harness
  • GPS09 Module
  • USB Cable
  • Software CD w/ Race Studio 3

Technical Information

Part Number: AIMXA6MXPA40G1
Manufacturer: AiM
  • ECU Connection: Capable of acquiring data directly from the vehicle’s ECU. Click here for a list of compatible Stock ECU’s  or Racing ECU’s
  • Analog & Digital Inputs: 8 Analog inputs record up to 1000x per second each. 6 Digital inputs are also included.
  • GPSModule: AiM’s powerful GPS09 module is included in the kit for accurate lap-time and track position data
  • Secondary CAN-line: CAN2 line manages data from additional modules, such as ABS, traction-control, etc.
  • Internal Accelerometer & Gyro: Internal 3-Axial accelerometer and a gyroscope for crucial vehicle motion data.
  • Math Channels: Configure the dash to immediately display Math Channel values, such as brake bias or a calculated gear

Click here for more details on the MXP

Need Sensors?

AiM 0-150 psi pressure sensor -used for oil and water pressure

AiM 0-2000 psi pressure sensor – used for brake pressure

AiM LCU-One Lambda controller – used for sensing Air/Fuel ratio

AiM Steering angle sensor

AiM Throttle Position sensor

Remote TPMS – used for tire pressure and temperature monitoring

AiM Infrared tire temperature sensor


Additional information

GPS Module Cable Length