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Read through the descriptions of the Hawk Brake Pad compounds below to determine what material characteristic best fits your application

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Compounds are listed from least to most aggressive. If you are unsure what pad would work best for you, please do not hesitate to call us!

The Hawk HB170.650 comes in the following compounds:


HPS Brake Pads are the worldwide aftermarket standard for increasing stopping power on your street car. The unique Ferro-Carbon compound offers a higher coefficient of friction over stock pads, increasing stopping power by 20-40% and providing a greater resistance to brake fade. Best yet, the HPS pads are gentle on rotors, wear great, and are very low dust with minimal noise.


The HP Plus brake pad is the perfect compromise for drivers looking for an aggressive autocross or track-day pad that is still highly usable on the street. The HP Plus compound uses a unique Ferro-Carbon friction material that was developed and manufactured with high-performance autocross and track-day driving in mind. With its high friction coefficient and resistance to fade, this pad is the perfect upgrade for the enthusiast driver.


The Blue 9012 Racing compound exhibits medium to high temperature and torque control. It is a great multi-purpose pad and is especially useful for lighter weight cars. With excellent modulation and release characteristics, it is no wonder this compound is a best seller with the SCCA!


The HT-10 compound is a great pad for intermediate drivers that want a streetable pad that still offers superior performance. It has a very smooth initial bite and provides a consistent pedal feel. The HT-10 delivers medium to high torque over a significant temperature range to help increase your track day performance.


The DTC-60 compound is similar to the DTC-70 brake pad, but has less torque and initial bite, and improved pad wear. It is a great choice for lighter weight front axle applications or for a split friction set up (especially when paired with the DTC-70). The DTC-60 demonstrates excellent torque control that the DTC series is known for, providing first-rate modulation and release characteristics. Overall this is a great choice for cars needing high deceleration rates, with or without down force.


The DTC-70 is Hawk Performance’s top-of-the-line racing brake pad compound. It exhibits high initial bite and torque, while still providing superior pad and disc wear. The DTC-70 has exceptional torque control, with superb modulation (controllability) and release characteristics. It is no wonder that this compound is at the top of Hawk’s DTC series.

Common Vehicle Fitments:

Porsche 911 3.3 SC Turbo & T. S 1977-90 Front & Rear
928 S & S4 & GT 1985-95 Rear
928 5.4 32V 1991-95 Rear
944 2.5 Turbo 1985-87 Front & Rear
944 2.5 Turbo 1987-91 Rear
944 2.7 & 3.0 S2 1988-91 Front & Rear
964 C2 3.6 1988-91 Front
964 C2 3.66 1991-94 Front & Rear
964 3.6 Carrera RS 1991-93 Rear
964 3.6 C44 1988-94 Front & Rear
964 3.3 Turbo & Turbo S 1988-91 Rear
964 3.3/3.6 Turbo/Turbo S 1991-93 Rear
968 3.0 Coupee 1991-95 Front & Rear
968 3.0 Coupe Turbo S 1993-95 Rear
993 Carrera & C4 1993-97 Rear
Ferrari 348 GTB 1989-95 Front & Rear
512 TR 1992-94 Rear
F355 1999 Front & Rear
GTS 1989-95 Front & Rear

For more details on Hawk Performance products, including complete fitment guides, please go to our Hawk Brakes Information page.

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