The Profi II 4 point ASM is designed to be used as a four point system.

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The Schroth Profi II ASM is designed to be used as a four point system. For this reason it is perfect for use in Driver Education cars or any other application where stock seats are retained. A seat that was not originally desiged for use with a racing restraint should never be modified to accept an sub strap.

The Profi II ASM incorporates Schroth’s legendary ASM (Anti-SubMarining) technology that is the only thing like it on the market. ASM is an extra fold of material sewn into the right shoulder belt that elongates at a different rate than the outboard belt. This allows your upper torso to twist slightly. On the rebound phase, your torso is planted firmly back in the seat rather than allowed to slide under the lap belt.

The Schroth Profi II ASM shoulder is only available in 3″ width but is still suitable for use with a Forward Neck Restraint such as a HANS device

You can add a single or dual sub strap to make this belt into a 5 point or 6 point at any time. We have recently tested this harness with a HANS device, and the results were great. So you can in fact use this harness with a HANS device.

Another feature unique to the Profi Series 2″ lap belts is the “Flexi Belt”. The End Fittings and Cam Latches are wrapped into the harness, making it so that the lap belt can be changed from a Pull Up configuration to a Pull Down. This allows you to set the belt up just the way you want it for your specific situation. It also allows for Bolt In brackets to be wrapped in for the lap belts if needed. Snap in brackets come standard on the laps.

The Shoulders come ready to wrap around a roll bar. Snap in or Bolt in attachments can be bought separately. The Lap Belts come with Snap-in Attachments. Bolt-in brackets can be wrapped in if necessary.

Please note, Cam locks can be swapped, so if you are interested in this harness with a street legal FE Push Button cam lock, it can be purchased separately.

Technical Information

Rating: FIA 8854/98
Sub-Strap: None (Available Separately)
Lap Adjuster: Pull-Up
Belt Ends:
  • Shoulder: LV7 Wrap
  • Lap: Lv4 with B14 Wrapped-in
  • Subs: Available Separately
  • 2 SG23 7/16″ Eyebolts
  • 4 S3 Wavy Washers
Part Number: SR20101 COLOR
Manufacturer: Schroth

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