Simpson Hybrid S Head And Neck Restraint – 3-Point Compatible


Provides much needed protection for driving instructors, and other driving enthusiasts when used with a factory 3-point safety belt.
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IMPORTANT: The Simpson Hybrid S is the ONLY Head and Neck Restraint System tested and approved by Simpson for use with 3-point belts. Other systems that share the “Hybrid” name have not been tested and are NOT recommended for use with 3-point belts.

The Simpson Hybrid S Head and Neck Restraint is not only FIA & SFI approved for competition use with standard racing harnesses, but has also been tested and shown to be compatible with standard 3-point safety belts as found in street vehicles. Partnering with auto manufacturers in Detroit, the carbon-fiber Hybrid S has been third-party tested using the same FMVSS208 procedure as found on other head and neck restraints. When used with 3-point belts, the FIA Hybrid was able to successfully demonstrate that a significant reduction in neck tension was measured when compared to a similar test using only a helmet and a 3-point belt. This exclusive testing allows piece of mind for not only driving enthusiasts with non-race-prepped cars, but DE Instructors as well!

Note: For maximum protection, we highly recommend a complete cockpit safety system whenever driving on track that includes, but is not limited to, a full roll-cage, full-containment seat, Snell or FIA rated helmets, FIA or SFI-rated Head and Neck Restraint, and a 6+ point harness system.

• Post Anchors: Uses the same Post-Anchors popularized by Hans Devices. Easy to use, and allows cross-compatibility with Hans-Equipped helmets. Requires purchase of Hans Anchors NOT INCLUDED.  Available HERE

NOTE: INCLUDES FIA CERTIFICATION STICKER.  Many dealers – including Simpson themselves – will upcharge for the required FIA sticker as a separate line item. FIA sticker is included in this price. 

Technical Information

Rating: FIA, SFI 38.1
Part Number: SIHYS.size.11.PA
Manufacturer: Simpson

• High quality carbon fiber construction
• Low profile. No high back to hook on the bars on exit
• Multiple load paths to dissipate head loads
• Buckle attachment in front. No bulky straps underneath

3-Point Belt Fitment Notes: The Hybrid S includes SAS (Seat Belt Anchoring System) Tethers. These are designed to attach to the buckle mechanism of 5/6/7 point harnesses and are not needed when used with 3-Point belts.

• Sitting in your seat, connect the 3-Point belt and sit in your normal driving position. The device should be in a comfortable position behind the driver’s back, and resting against the back seat cushion. If the device is uncomfortable, a pad is available separately that will attach to the back of the seat and provide a slot for the device to rest. This is generally not needed when used in a soft back seat, as found in most street/passenger cars.

• Adjust the Helmet Tethers: Have a helper apply gentle pressure to the shoulder pads at the top of the device. While the wearer is looking straight forward, hold the triangulated tether up to the side of the wearer’s helmet. Adjust the side tethers so that the tether end fitting can be easily inserted into the helmet anchor without having it apply downward pressure to the helmet. A comfortable adjustment on the side tether is to have about an additional ¼” of slack in the tethers at this point.

• With your helper maintaining pressure on the device, and the wearer looking straight forward, adjust the rear tethers so that there is between ½” to 1” of slack in the rear tether. Test the amount of head movement by moving the head forward. The wearer should have between ½” to 2” of forward head movement before the slack is taken out of the tether system. This should be plenty of head movement to be able to drive the car for on track activities.



Measure Chest Size directly below pectoral muscles while wearing Driving Suit.

CUSTOM WOMEN SIZING: Due to the placement of the standard straps, many women find them uncomfortable across their breasts. Additionally, depending on breast size, it could cause a safety hazard since the belt cannot be tightened appropriately.

For custom fit sizing, measure the bottom of the bra all the way around the body.
Also measure top of shoulder over breast to bottom of bra.
Please put your sizing in your order NOTES and also email it to us so we can be sure to order it correctly. We will follow up with a confirmation email.

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